Do I need a king in order to be a queen??

First things First Ladies, I know sometimes we as women get so low that it feels we are not as special as we are considering all that we do. We’re created to do things no man can do yet sometimes we remove our own crown by feeling less than what we are. Ladies you are a queen with or without a king in your life! When you begin to feel you’re not the queen you are remember all the good things that can do which is life changing. The creator trusted you to create life inside you, to withstand the pains of giving birth to another life. If that isn’t special enough, I don’t know what to tell you! Ladies we are nurturing, intelligent, resilient and so much more! We hold down the fort as my grandmother use to say. The way that we love these men need that and thrive off of it. Ladies I say that to say this we are all queens with or without a king in your life! Queens never feel that because you don’t have a king that is there for you, holding you, and loving on you that you’re not who you are. Queens you are a priceless prize and never let anyone make you feel otherwise!

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