You complete me!

Do you ever sit down and think about how your life would change for the better with the right person by your side? The one thing I always hear people say is that they need their significant other to complete them but the truth of it is you should be completed before you find your significant other. I do believe that two people who are meant to be are meant to be because they both found each other already completed! Two halves make a whole but when you’re coming into someone life only half together you really can’t give your all because your busy still working on you and getting yourself together! Does it really make sense to have someone give you their all, love you to the moon and back yet your up and can’t sleep at night because your busy thinking about how to get your life together? Being single is a time for healing and growing for yourself basically getting prepared for the person who will enter your life at your best. I believe when your at your best you choose the best! There are a lot of times we choose partners based upon the right now “us” not even considering the fact our judgment is cloudy. The truth is if we are focused on getting better instead of looking for someone to complete us, we will be able to be better in relationships with others. When your not fully together we tend to allow unnecessary drama, chaos, and accept things we normally wouldn’t accept if we were a better us! I know I have had this problem before and realized it bought me so much headache, and they say when you know better you do better and that is something I’m working on. Feel free to share your thoughts!

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