Don’t try to take my power!!

Have you ever noticed the most the simplest things can be overlooked? People can come into your life and tell you the oh so wonderful intentions they have for you with the relationship or friendship but still manage to end up taking the power you have over making your own choices! You have to be real careful with what someone says because they truly can be telling you one thing but doing another. I’ve always believed in the fact that if you know what your wanting is totally opposite from the other person you should give them options. Don’t ever be as cruel as to play along and take away the power of saying “yes I’ll be cool” with that or “no that ain’t for me!” There are women and men who are guilty of this! It’s very simple to just address what’s really about to happen in the relationship even if the intentions are good in the beginning and change later still never take the power of choice away from anyone! Ladies and fellows be honest with the ones you care about. If you know your not ready for what they are asking you for or have made known that they are expecting just be upfront because remember you would want them to do the same for you!

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