Oh you thought I was a door mat??

People come and people go the one thing you don’t ever do is let a person run all over you regardless! Abuse comes in many forms it ain’t always physically! When you know that you are doing all that you can for a person yet that person is trying there hardest to make you feel you are the lowest of the lowest it’s time to let go!! I know that often times we hold on because we love that person and think to ourselves one day they are going to get it all together and everything will be OK. The hard truth of this is that it’s not going to be OK until that person sees a problem with their actions and while they are figuring it out they shouldn’t have you around except maybe as a friend nothing more! I say that because that person needs some time to heal from whatever demons are within them that would make them think it’s OK to emotionally bring a person to their knees and don’t even see that they are doing it. Let me clarify that maybe they know they are doing but have no idea how to stop it because they are lost and have no control. Although you can meet a person, love a person and be there sometimes that’s not enough, sometimes that person is searching for something way above what you can give them, and they will continue to self-destruct until they realize they have issues that are deeper than that relationship that they are carrying on with you. When you come across a person that you know your giving your all too and that’s not enough for them and you feel like the door mat that’s been walked on all day after a bad stormy weather it’s time to let go!! I do believe that person can love you and care for you but what’s going on inside of them is something you can’t fix and you need to understand the saying love a person from a distance is definitely true it has to be done sometimes so that that person can recognize their actions and not to mention you can start to understand you shouldn’t be accepting of a person treating you like your nothing when clearly you are something and somebody even if it’s not to them! Never allow yourself to be a door mat in a toxic situation even if you know that person has potential to be better just allow them time to do that, but they just can’t be in your life while they are doing it!

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