Proceed with caution

Ladies why is it that when a man shows us exactly who he is we always try to prove him wrong? Ladies no matter if its in the beginning of the relationship or as time progress there will be red flags but because you are so into him you ignore them all! We have all been in this exact situation were we think that we can change a man when the truth is WE CAN’T! A man only changes when he is ready to change! I don’t care how upset you get, I don’t care if you scream to the top of your lungs, this man is not going to do what you think he should do as a man until he is ready! There are guys out here that want to be a different man but the harsh reality of it is that it may not be with you. To elaborate a little what that means is that the saying you hear from time to time, “right person wrong time” is a true statement. You can see all the potential in this man and put in your mind how good you two could be if this was a different time in which he has himself together internally. People have issues that come from within themselves and if that isn’t fixed you can very well meet the right person but at the wrong time because their not ready for the work it takes to build a strong healthy relationship. When you meet someone that you see potential in but yet they clearly have underlying issues, you have two options, either you’re going to deal with all the heartache and many headaches they will bring while getting themselves together or you will let them go to heal themselves and realize you can’t fix people until they are ready to be fixed! The hard truth of this all is that as women we mostly choose option one if we have started to love or care for the person we are with. Many of you may ask well why do we likely choose option one? The reason we make this decision is that we ignored all the red flags in the beginning that this man was damaged because we thought to ourselves oh I can make this right I can fix him! The truth is that man already showed you who he was in the first place but you still stuck around because you only focused on the potential you saw in him. Ladies remember you have to proceed with caution when dealing with a broken and lost man because it’s no way you’re going to fix him he has to be ready to fix himself!

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Anastasia Nicole

YES! YES! 1000x yes! To quote Dr Maya Angelou, “when someone shows you who they are believe them the first time.” You cannot change people who do not want to change themselves and even then, your job isn't to change them it's to support them through the change.


Thank you for taking the time to comment I appreciate that! Your exactly right we have to support and as women we need to keep in mind it doesn't mean we have to try and change them or ignore the fact of who they are.

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