Being valued vs tolerated

Ladies I know how hard we love when we love and I know what we are capable of when we truly love a man. We are nurturing human beings and it’s natural to want to give your all to the one whom you think love you. The problem with that is who we are giving all of that love too. Ladies as women we have to start thinking and focusing on figuring out does this man really value me or is he just tolerating me because I have something to offer him or something that he may even want under different circumstances. As sad as it is to say ladies, when you have a good heart it doesn’t mean this man is going to automatically value you. You are a queen you have to understand there are some who take advantage of the ones with good hearts only because some see it as a sign of weakness! Ladies I know and you know that because you have a good heart it doesn’t make you weak but in the eyes of an opportunist that’s all they see is weakness! All that I’m saying is know who you are, be confident in knowing you are worth so much more! If this man has shown you with his actions that clearly he is tolerating you my recommendation is to listen! Ladies think about your situations think about them clearly don’t be a victim of an opportunist, show that man he has to value you by stop accepting only being tolerated!

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