The presentation!

Ladies we are what we present to these men. A lot of women lose sight of the fact that when a man first meet a woman he decides in his mind what it is that he will do with this woman. Men are going to treat you the way you present yourself to him. Although as women we like to think that men are completely brainless (which is not true by any means) but the truth is that man is paying attention to how you carry yourself. I do want to say as a disclaimer that it doesn’t mean that if you present well that he is going to be perfect! In this case I’m referring to how you carry yourself he definitely will peep out the vibe and what your about quickly. If you’re expecting this man to respect you then right off gate you have to present yourself in a manner in which he knows that and can take you serious enough to know what he can and can’t do to you. If you’re presenting yourself as that “hey nice to meet you, you so fine let’s get a room” or anything remotely close to that then don’t expect more from him. It’s never anything wrong with how each individual woman choose to present herself but I have to bring it to your attention as a woman to let you know don’t expect more than your showing him you are worth sis!

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Also women have to show respect towards each other as well becuase a lot times I see women disrespect each other calling each other thots and bitches and gossiping about each other . Hell I seen women call themselves bitch.
For example
“I’m the baddest bitch walking”
This another reason why some men don’t take women serious.

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