I’ve got questions!

Why is it OK to lie to me? Why is it OK to treat me like I’m beneath you? Why is it OK for you to tell me I’m too independent? Why is it OK for you to do to me what you swear I better not ever do to you? Why do you say you love me but you don’t show it? Why do you tell me your always going to be there for me but your never there? Why do you say you couldn’t live without me but yet you are doing things that put you at risk for losing me? Ladies I know we all have asked at least one if not all the questions above to the man that’s in your life. The real question that’s not listed is why do we accept and allow the actions that create these questions in our head? Ladies we have to stay focused on our worth! We shouldn’t have to ask these questions. We shouldn’t have to give our all to someone that feels it’s not enough. Ladies you have to learn that a real man will value you and recognize the worth of a woman! These questions are for grown boys in which you have no business with because he doesn’t see you! He don’t see nothing other than what he can get out of the situation. He may love what you can do for him and what he can get out of you but he doesn’t really see you for what your worth! Real men will see you he will never do anything to jeopardize being with you because it won’t be a risk he is willing to take! A real man will love on you not just by talking but with his actions! A real man will not and I repeat not have you asking the above questions! Ladies there is a difference between a grown boy and a man! Ladies understand the questions you have for a real man will be asked with a smile, have you feeling like your the only woman in the world, have you with a feeling of you can’t get enough of him, have you even more motivated than you already are, and although you as a woman already know this he still will enforce it even more that you can do and be anything you put your mind too! He will have you so secure in the relationship there won’t have to be questions about where his heart and mind is because his actions will line up with what he is telling you! Ladies if you’re going to ask questions let them not have to be the questions above!

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Thank you for sharing your thoughts! Your exactly right you can't expect someone to treat you the way you should be treated if you are allowing non sense!

Russell Nicolais

fantastic post, very informative. I wonder why the other experts of this sector don’t notice this. You should continue your writing. I am confident, you’ve a great readers’ base already!


Thank you so much I really appreciate that! I will continue writing always feel free to stop back and check out future articles!

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