It won’t always be easy!

I have to say Life gets tough at times and as humans our first reaction is to worry. We tend to get so stressed out we can’t really focus on the fact that this is the time to increase the faith in knowing regardless there is a higher power, something bigger than you and me! I have always believed that when the troubles come it’s for a reason! You may not can understand the reason for certain situations at that very moment but remember tests become testimonies! Please understand that if your still alive that in itself shows you have made it through whatever has been thrown at you. It sometimes seems you get pass one thing and something else comes up but guess what, that too shall pass! Don’t let the ways of the world and situations determine your reactions! When things go wrong as they definitely will sometimes make the decision to say “alright this is what it is and I’m going to keep pushing through” instead of worrying causing myself more problems because all that worrying does is cloud your judgment and you can’t focus on a solution! I know that not worrying is easier said than done but you have to put it in your mind that it’s your choice to make! You are responsible for choosing to worry and stress or breathe and handle situations as good as you can. There will be some situations that may be beyond your control and that is fine you just keep pushing through but understand what you can control always make the best of it! If you sit around and stress think to yourself “what is this really accomplishing?” Worrying interfere with your thinking and the way you react so remember never allow your situations to determine your reactions!

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