Have you ever noticed that you can be completely down for someone, know for a fact your intentions are good and prove it with your actions but you feel that person can’t see it? We have all been there before or going through it now because it’s so common! The first thought a person has when this happens is “what am I doing wrong?” To answer that question I’d say it’s nothing you’re doing wrong it’s about what you’re doing right! You are so rare that when you are doing the right things it’s going to take a certain type of man or woman to see you for you and what your intentions are. Let’s face it most people are so use to being mistreated that they don’t understand it fully or recognize when something different comes along! It’s nothing that you can do to make them see you for you and your not primarily responsible for that either. It’s up to that person you’re interacting with to understand that you are brand new, you are not responsible for their past. All that you are responsible for is doing right by them or letting them be if they can’t see the value in you! Never jeopardize your worth because the next refuse to receive what you’re trying to give. Remember it’s not what you’re doing wrong so don’t beat yourself up about it! You’re doing what your suppose to do and when the right person come along no matter their past they are going to see the rare breed that you are!

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Where do i send the offering….lol. Like i said before your blog is so realistic. You have a good head on your shoulder and i'm glad to read your post every time.

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