Agree to Disagree??

No relationship will be misunderstanding free or disagreement free! When two people come together you have to understand there are and will be some differences in opinions! It’s more so about how you are going to get pass those hard times. When you disagree with your partner it doesn’t mean he or she doesn’t care about what you are saying it simply means they think of the situation different so at that point the choice is to either compromise or agree to disagree respectfully. Ladies you know how we as women can sometimes be a little hard on the men that comes into our lives especially if they are just as strong-minded as we can be! With that being said it makes me have to mention, when we are having these misunderstandings and disagreements with our partners it’s real important to not only talk it out but also when the conversation is over remember it’s over, and we can’t keep bringing it back up over and over when the issue has been resolved because that’s not healthy. So as long as there is healthy communication when situations and problems come about you will be just fine! What I mean by that is if your partner is willing to sit down and discuss with you a situation that they disagree with you on but is willing to meet you half-way on it or even agree to disagree that’s a person who cares! If your partner is fussing, yelling, not listening, walking out and throwing a tantrum that’s not healthy by no means, so I say that to say this understand that there are going to be misunderstandings and disagreements but it’s solely up to you and your partner to communicate, listen and understand each other and know that’s normal if done in the correct manner!

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Samantha Summers

You've got a very valid point here. It most definitely is not one of my strong suit. I tend to get aggressive and defensive when he and I argue. I'm certainly working on stopping. Excellent post.


Thank for for sharing your thoughts on this! It will get better just stay focused on the fact he loves you and communicate with him that your so use to doing that but you are working on it. When a disagreement is about to happens and you see it coming just whooosah a bit or wait till you calm down but for us women that's going to be a hard task too but you can do it Samantha!

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