Don’t be fooled!

Have you ever met someone and become so anxious to know everything you can about them? Every chance that you get are you asking them about their life, what they enjoy, and just who they are as a person? I know we all have done this time and time again while going through the “talking stage,” better yet the “dreadful”stage some may refer to it as. The talking stage is a time for both people to interact and get to know each other but the complications come into play when one is trying more than the other. The truth is no one like to waste their time but you will run into some people who will do just that! They will waste your time just to have someone to talk to when they are bored or when the person they really want to talk to isn’t available! The talking stage is supposed to fun and exciting yet it can quickly turn into the dreadful stage if you don’t pay attention. Sometimes you can get so caught up in the excitement of something new that you don’t even see that the other person is not putting in the effort you are. What this means is that if your the one always asking the questions, making all the plans to get some time in with them, doing all the calling with no answer but get a text once or twice a day or even less than that please understand that person is not that into you as you are them. I’ve always believed and will always believe people make time and put effort into what they want to and there’s no other way around saying that. If a person is busy with work, family, etc then so be it but I promise you they will still find a way to be consistent in communicating with you. They may not be able to drop everything for you in the spare of a moment, but they will make their interest be known to you! A really good example of this is if your in the talking stage with someone, and they say “oh I didn’t get a chance to call or send a text the last couple of days because I been busy,” I begin to think of scenarios like so what you are telling me is if we were in a relationship and your “busy” then I won’t hear from you for days at a time until your ready to have a conversation with me? Another scenario I would play out in my mind is if this man or woman have kids when they are “busy” do they choose to go days at a time without checking on them too? Of course, we all get busy from time to time with things in our lives but it’s no such thing as being so busy you can’t communicate at all! I refuse to believe it! What I do believe is what I stated earlier people definitely make time for who and what they want to make time for so please always keep that in mind when you are calling, asking questions, texting making plans with no response!

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Your welcome! You are exactly right, it always have to be equal effort or a waste of time even in friendships. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this as well!

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