Life hates me??

Why does it seem life hates me? Why do I feel it’s so hard to survive in this world? Why do I feel like nothing ever goes right for me? I know at some point we all may have asked ourselves these questions. The truth is life doesn’t hate you and although you may have some difficult situations that arise in your life it doesn’t mean that nothing will go right for you! You have to love yourself enough to know that whatever you want in life you can have. The requirement is that you will have to move in ways that will improve your life and well-being. Something I’ve learned in life that has always stuck out to me is that you have to make your own way, create your own happiness and not give that responsibility to someone or something else. You have to put positivity into the universe. Always go after what you want don’t be afraid. The only person that holds you back is you. We all have the same 24 hours in a day but what you choose to do with yours is up to you. There is no one that can stop you but you! This applies to your relationships, your job, your family etc. We all need to understand that we are not perfect and no one should require you to be but always recognize your value and worth. If you need different results in your relationship work on it, if you need a better job then work on it. If you want anything better out of life go for it! Life is what u make it! Do what you can while you are here and don’t expect perfection but each day that you are here give it your all be the best you can be! Always remember life doesn’t hate you, and things may not always go as planned but that doesn’t mean nothing will ever go right for you either!

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Maryanna Partlow

I totally feel like like hates me sometimes. Everything goes wrong, financially, relationships, business, job. Self motivation is really important. Thanks for the reminder that i have to go get what i want!


Thanks for sharing!! This warms my heart we all feel like this sometimes but please keep right on pushing no matter what seems to go wrong you have to keep getting up and try it again you are a queen you are strong and will get all that you desire soon just keep the faith!

Laila Laurson

I liked your post. It speaks to the way I feel sometimes when life gets me down, but I agree with the fact that you have to make your own happiness. I am big on holding myself back and letting fear get in the way, but I am taking small steps toward trying to go for the things that I want. Thank you for sharing.


Yes it definitely is very important! You never know what the next person is going through and it's important for me to address topics I see happening all the time as best as I can because someone may have needed to hear it come from a different source


Your welcome and thank you for sharing I appreciate it! You are a queen don't hold yourself back from anything you deserve all that your heart desire. That's all that it takes it small steps and you will get there. I know it's easier said than done but don't fear anything in life except of you not trying to get what you want!

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