Why am I taking you serious?

We quickly forget the elements of a serious relationship

Have you ever gave someone your all but all that your getting is inconsistency and a wondering mind but they say your in a serious relationship?  Do you ever find yourself wondering why am I taking this person serious while they are wasting my time?  I know that it may seem cliche to ask but have you ever stopped to ask yourself why are you giving your all to an inconsistent person? Although the inconsistency is a problem, it’s not solely that person’s problem. I say that because if you are allowing the inconsistency and you are still hanging on to something that isn’t there then it makes it partially your fault too! A person will only do what you allow them to do to you!

At some point regardless of talking stage or actually in a relationship you have to speak up voice your feelings and ask if it can be fixed because that’s called communication which is essential for any serious relationship. If that person is not trying to fix it and you know it then you are showing them it’s OK to treat you the way that they are! There is nothing that is going to change a person other than if it’s something they really want to do. Believe it or not sometimes you have to love or like a person from a distance. You can’t always stay in situations because of how strongly you feel or how you believe things will change. Rule of thumb for me is people are consistent with what they really want and what they don’t want to live without. So when you are thinking and your mind is wondering how does he feel about me or how does she feel about me just know if the person hasn’t or won’t tell you then just watch their actions towards you. You shouldn’t have to think about the consistency of a person because they will be so consistent it won’t give you the opportunity to do so!

If a person can’t be consistent with you and have your mind wondering then love yourself enough to say this isn’t fair to me and begin to evaluate your next move regardless of what it is just don’t give your all to someone who is inconsistent and have your mind wondering you don’t deserve that!  Always remember we are no longer kids you have to hold a person responsible for their actions and they have to be willing to accept responsibility for their actions.  As a reminder please know that no consistency no relationship because your significant other will begin to loose interest more sooner than later.  Check out this post here to discuss this further.

building relationships takes time and effort

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Aditi Sharma

I agree with you completely, inconsistency is really a big problem. I sometimes am guilty of doing it myself, but I am trying to work hard on it. Thanks for sharing this post, it is really inspiring. 🙂


Thank you for sharing Aditi! Keep working on it you will be where you want to be with it soon! Since you have recognized it you definitely will make the progress you want! Thank you so much I appreciate that! 🙂


I agree with you…there are really times when we let other people treat us unfair because we let them. And you're right, we need to be kind to ourselves, too. Because we deserve the best.

Jennifer L.

This is so very true. As much as the other person's inconsistencies are on their end, we have to look at our habit of holding on to them even when we know we shouldnt. Great food for thought.


I feel you. I had my ex before that I gave him all of what I have but receive nothing from him and frustrations. It was really sad and hope it won't happen to my daughter as well.


Thank you so much! Definitely as women we love so easily sometimes and the person we love just choose not to provide that love but we have to be strong and do the hardest thing even it means to walk away or it becomes our fault if we accept it.


I absolutely don't like when that happens and you are a queen I'm sorry you had to go through that but you did what you had to do and your daughter will be ok if she runs into that problem because she has a strong mother who has demonstrated exactly what she should do in the same situation. Thank you so much for sharing


Thank you so much Veethee I appreciate that! I'm happy that you enjoyed it! When I write it comes from a real genuine place and I'm happy you could connect with this post that means a lot to me!


I agree with everything you said.
Lovely blog.
Sometimes in the beginning when you are talking with someone, that person will be consistent and making you think that he/she cares just to take advantage of you. Once they see your attached, that’s when people will become less consistent.
And also the reason why we may be consistent with someone that’ s inconsistent with us becuase deep down we are either in love or addicted to the person. Another it’s a fatal attraction and sometimes we continue to be consistent becuase deep down we want to believe in the miracle that the person will change and be more consistent or we think we can change somebody to be more consistent

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