I found a good woman but….

Building relationships takes two people!

How do you expect what you are not giving? Building relationships is hard but you have to put in the work.  A man can have the highest expectations ever of his woman, yet he ain’t worth the time and energy she spends trying to fix the relationship. It’s a well-known fact that men can recognize when they have a good woman however they just ain’t in the right mindset to keep her. Something I’ve observed a lot is men saying how they want a really good, loyal, faithful, honest, completely trustworthy woman who also cooks, clean and also provide good sex however and whenever he wants it! It’s not that I even think that’s too much to ask for it’s just that these men aren’t willing to do the same!

I am a firm believer that what you want to receive you have to be willing to give as well. I never quite understood why men say they recognize when a woman deserves the title of wife one day, yet he treats her like she has no value! The worst of the worst is the men that says “she’s a really good woman but I ain’t ready for all of that right now” but still be very persistent in getting that woman. Sometimes I think it’s an ego thing. That man ain’t ready, but he knows there are men out there that are, so he wants to keep her on stand by away from the next male just to say he got her. My first thought when I see this happening is why are you pursuing this woman when you know what she is about and you are not ready for it so why mess with it? Men you have to understand that playing around with a woman who is established, knows what she wants, ready to treat her man like a king, you just don’t play around with something like that.

When that woman is being consistent, loyal, honest, faithful, keeps herself up, takes care of home, all the while got you feeling like the king that you are not to her you should feel ashamed. There are real men looking for this woman so take your place in the back and sit down, so she can notice her king standing up awaiting her arrival!  There is nothing attractive about a man not recognizing his woman worth.  A good woman is priceless! Men have to start taking good women more serious because just like everyone say a good man is hard to come by, its the same way for women.  Ladies stop letting men put you on reserve!  If that man is not focused on you and do only enough to keep you around please understand you are worth more and you deserve to be building relationships with people who appreciate you.  For more inspiration ladies check out this post here.

I found a good woman

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Rachael Shores

Agreed. Plenty of expectations and no reciprocation. I had a lot to learn after we got married. I thought my husband had married me for those expectations of cooking and cleaning and I failed miserably so I thought he wouldn't love me. Then he let me know he hadn't married me for my cooking skills. Lol!


So true! The real question is “would you date you?” Too bad most people don't think about it like that and string women along when they have no intention of doing the right thing.


Thank you for sharing Rachael! lol that's so funny I'm sure your cooking is not that bad! He is a good man to not just hold you to cooking cause some men want you to be a chef lol and we are like ummmmmm no!


be the change you want to see in others and that's the ony way you will be able to have the right person or people. Sometimes we guys play around too much.


Thank you Kobby that means a lot coming from a man I believe there are good men but just like you said and I definitely agree some men play around way to much for our liking!


That's so funny but I know your serious lol I've heard a lot of people say this as well but life be throwing us curve balls sometimes and the heart wants what it wants and it ends up not being good for us.

Hello Kittygawa

I grew up in a very traditional Japanese household; stay-at-home wife with working father. I remember thinking to myself how much my father took my mother for granted… They were both born and raised in Japan and my mother picked up her entire life and moved to America with my father out of marital obligation… She moved to a different CONTINENT to a place she knew NOTHING about, couldn't speak the language, knew NO ONE except my father, and has supported and has BEEN supporting him for the last 40 years. She works tirelessly to make my father's life go smoothly; cooking, cleaning, child rearing, etc…. and my father thanks her once a year on Mother's day. That's it….. I admire her, but it made me grow up wanting NEVER to find myself married to a man like that. And she has helped me realize how important it is to find the right man for you!

Fast forward a few years, now I'm in a solid, happy, reciprocal relationship with a man who understands the true value of a woman! I'm so happy to be with him and him with me! It's an amazing feeling, and I owe it all to my mother, my OG strong woman, for teaching me the good and the bad.


Thank you so much Kittygawa for sharing your story. I appreciate the time you took to share and I must say that I'm so happy for you that you have a man to reciprocate exactly what you are giving him because you are a queen you deserve it. That's what a lot of women are looking for and I wish you nothing but continued blessings for you and your love. Your mother is a strong woman and although she went through that I know she is proud that through her experience it taught her daughter what to tolerate and what not to and I know she takes pride in that! Thanks again!


Thank you so much. I’m happy it’s relatable but I hope you don’t have to ever go through that or is experiencing that!


It’s so true that sometimes men don’t treat women properly. It’s also true that most of the time we let them. I think it’s the girls who should be braver and stop being afraid of breaking up with an A-hole. Everyone deserves way more!

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