You get the attention you give

Getting attention requires putting in the work in order to get it back the same

Have you ever noticed there are times in the relationship that your partner is over joyed and the affection and attention you are receiving makes you think like what’s gotten into you? Many don’t even think about the causes of this which is quite simple and I want to shed some light on it. When you are not stressing your partner that person will not reciprocate and have you feeling like you can’t get from around them fast enough. If you are not playing around, you’re being honest, and loving on your partner, I can assure you that you will get the same!

It’s when you start to drift off, be dishonest and not show the love and attention to your partner is when they will start to retaliate with those very uncomfortable so called “attitudes and mood swings”. A woman (including myself until learned different) always thinks that men are mind readers but I want you to know for a fact they are not! I will say in our defense though the reason that we think that is because we feel that if you’re doing something wrong you should be able to pick up on it without someone else having to tell you. We are always hoping that our partner understands the simple thought of if he wouldn’t want me to do it why would he?

We all have to keep in mind that if you are in a relationship and don’t want the added unnecessary stress then we have to communicate and avoid doing the things that you know your partner wouldn’t care for but ladies we have to remember to address what the issue is so that it can be fixed. Always remember you get what you put out so if you want more of those good days reciprocated then as always you have to do what you would want given to you nothing less than that. Its so much going on in the world today to be stressing the one you are with, they should be your peace instead. Read this for a bit more understanding of what I mean.

to get the attention from your partner you must be willing to give the same thing

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Bohemian Nation

I totally relate to this. Sometimes I feel like I'm not getting enough attention or time, but I don't just say it. Instead I get upset and isolate myself, which makes the problem worse. I definitely think he can read my mind and he can't! Haha. Great tips!!


Thank you Mia! All that matters is that you have learned your not alone a lot of people have and are struggling with communication within relationships. I appreciate you sharing!


Thank you so much for sharing! I'm happy you can relate to this and it will get better it takes time the fact that you recognize what you've been doing now you can work on it with him and all will be OK! I appreciate the time you took to share your story!

Isabelle Weber

This is such good advice. I find that’s the same with my baby too – if I’m stressed out or upset, he’s usually extra fussy as well. Feelings are contagious!

daneen rogers

I agree completely with so much of this and so many cliches really do work in a relationship–live by the golden rule, time heals all wounds, every cloud has a silver lining, etc.!


Thank you! I appreciate the fact that you could take something from this post it means a lot we as women we seem to forget you guys only know the feelings that we address to you and can’t expect you to know more.

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