Men have feelings too…

Have you ever noticed how men will go literally crazy if he even suspects his woman is seeing someone else or have feelings for someone else?  This man will shut all the way down on you and act like you committed murder or something!  I know that as women we really go crazy too but its something different when a man does it.  It seems like it take his whole soul out of him.  A man can cheat on his woman time after time after time and he says oh it was a mistake or just something that happened then proceed to continue on with his day like nothing happened.

Ladies I want you all to know that a quiet man is a man who is hurt and is holding his feelings in.  As women we should all understand why though and if you don’t let me explain it to you.  Most women who cheat is already cheating for a reason in the first place.  They are cheating due to a lack of something they are not getting in the relationship.  A woman never just cheats with just anyone.  There has to be something that peaks her interest about the man who she is cheating with and for the time being he is providing something she isn’t receiving at home.  I promise you there is an attraction and some type of emotional connection that is felt at that moment!  I say that to say this when women cheat it’s a reason and the person she cheats with is not random!

Men are not as blind to feelings as we would like to think they are.  Most men don’t give it too much thought when they cheat because they are built different from a woman!  A man don’t have to have any emotional ties to a woman but because he WANTS to or is attracted to the woman he can be with her even if for one night and still not care about her.  Therefore the odds are fair in saying some women can forgive a man who cheats because its assumed that he loves her but made a mistake although we all know better than that!

If you step out on your man I’m here to tell you that if that man loves you and you do that its going to break him down.  That man knows that women cheat with a purpose so to say and his ego will be crushed!  A man can handle a lot of things but this thing here will have him broken.

Cheating is wrong no matter who does it man or woman but the harsh reality of it is that it happens!  I see it all the time and honestly I don’t see it ever stopping.  What I do know is it’s totally up to you as to what you allow in YOUR life!  I truly wish none of this was reality but we have to face it it’s the reality we live in! Consider reading this here.

Men have feelings too

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I don’t know how to feel about men cheating being different because of the emotional detachment. Cheating is cheating in my eyes and there aren’t any excuses. That’s my opinion though. I just can’t wrap my mind around it being that I was raised by all women and see the hurt guys make them go through. It sucks.


Cheating is cheating it’s all wrong no matter who does it however this post is more so about the effects that it has on a man is different from a woman which a lot of women don’t think it affects a man at all as opposed to how it affects a man when really it breaks him down and it takes moving a mountain for that man to really trust another woman. Women can hurt really bad but we can turn that hurt around a lot quicker than a man can. Men are lost souls when a woman he loves cheat because he knows for her it was something about that man that they actually liked and it hurts them to know another man can just have their woman in that way it’s a ego thing. With women we get furious and can shut down but being realistic a lot of women take these men back because they love them and think they will change and or it was a one time thing that won’t happen again and the reasoning is men are visual they can sleep with a woman just because she looks good and really don’t even care to get to know her at all but a woman is not going to cheat on her man just because he look good it has to be something their such as an emotional attachment at that moment or a lack of what she needs from her man


I understand what you’re saying. Do you think everyone is like that or just the majority of people? Or are there always exceptions or instances where it’s the other way around?


Oh definitely it can be instances where your man will cheat with a woman he knows and have “unfinished business” with meaning like an ex that things ended in a way that they both are emotionally still attached and therefore making it not just random for him but that kind of instance is dangerous lol I say that because a man is not good at choosing between the ex he still loves and nothing major happened when they broke up it was just wrong timing and the feelings are there then there will be a lot of complications within that situation with the new woman and ex. To each its own but there are women who are willing to sleep with random men but that comes from a deeper place within themselves which really has nothing to do with the man they are with so there are instances but majority in my opinion is what happens that I described in the post. I’m a very open minded person and I can see things from all point of views. How do you feel about it?

Lee Everitt

My ex cheated on me and jeez did it hurt. She ended up cheating on me with someone she worked nights with. We’d been not seeing much of one another due to bithbworking different hours. Look back it makes sense that she was missing something from me and found it with someone that had a similar life to her. Your blog makes perfect sense.


Being cheated on must be a soul crushing experience. I hope I never have to face that situation. I also must hold myself to a high standard and never let my partner down as well.


I’ve been down this road before , my ex would always think I was with another guy when I wasn’t him and I was always home . It’s interesting how cheating affects men because it’s very different compared to women .


Thank you for sharing! Yea that was his own insecurity and it sucks when that happens but all you can do is go on about your way. You can’t make a person trust you. I know it nearly drove you insane though being accused of something your weren’t doing!


Girl all the time ! I would go to this alumni workout at my high school with my brother , he’d think I would go to be around other guys🤦🏾‍♀️ I’d go to workout . He made a big deal over that and always thought I wasn’t somewhere I’d tell him I’d be . It was crazy .


I love this! I don’t think we always realize that men have feelings too. My boyfriend suppresses his feelings until he eventually explodes. It’s sad that our society has kind of made men this way.


Of course men have feelings too. But due to patriarchy they dont learn how to express them.
I belive everyone has their own reason to cheat and it’s up to the persons in the relationship to establish the rules between them.

Citrus & Sun

Thank you for sharing your thoughts! I think it’s so important that we continuously talk about our feelings and have the open dialogue, especially in relationships!! That way, no one’s feelings get swept under the rug or forgotten.


No one deserves to be cheated on you. I have been cheated on and it left me questioning my own worth. I wondered everyday why i wasn’t enough for him. Then I realised that it was his loss to have lost me.

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