Can I trust you?

The nagging woman

Now I know this isn’t something women like to be referred to as but the hard truth of it is that men refer to women this way more than you know.  When a woman have an “ATTITUDE” instead of thinking about why she has that attitude or why her mood is thrown off  men just say the famous line “man you always got an attitude about something”.  Now granted there are some women who may just be mad ahaha but in most cases there is a problem!  Many men just like majority of women will assume instead of asking what’s wrong.  In my opinion a nagging woman is a woman who has some things that she need to get off her chest, trust issues or just some things that should have been expressed probably before now but it has been held in for various reasons.


I never understood why it’s hard for either person in the relationship to say let’s sit down and talk I want to know what’s wrong?  I want to know what’s on your mind? Those simple questions can make a world of difference in a relationship.  Most women think of trust as the main component in a relationship and if you don’t have that then you have nothing.  You have to trust in your partner enough to communicate the hardest things at times but it has to be done if you want a lasting relationship.  Instead of just assuming she has an attitude ask about it because 10 times out of 20 its going to be a deep situation.  Always remember as well what may not be deep to you may be deep to her so you have to communicate and understanding she isn’t just nagging because it’s something to do.  Communication is just as important as trust because they both go hand in hand with each other.

Guessing games

When a woman starts to suspect something is wrong and it’s not being addressed, in her mind she begins to wonder and assume.  Oh I know some men are rattled up right now at just the thought of reading this with the word ASSUME in it because men hate that ladies.  The reality of it is that if a woman is trying to communicate and the man is not communicating back in a proper manner that woman will assume! In all fairness what else is she to do if your holding back and just thinking of her as a woman nagging you?  No man nor woman should have to be play guessing games as to what is going on in the relationship.  When the games start the relationship ends simple as that.

What have you done?

If you know that you have a track record of lies longer than a trip to another planet please understand that will always be in the back of her mind.  If you have a history of not being faithful and loyal to her please understand that most certainly will always be in her mind especially when you are leaving her guessing and assuming because you are not communicating efficiently.  All because I am a fair person I have to say that ladies if you have agreed to forgive this man for his wrong doings and stated that you are moving forward with the relationship, that means you can’t keep bringing it back up, however ladies I encourage you to never forget though!  When you are rebuilding trust with someone it takes work.  It will not be easy to get to a point were you fully and completely trust that person who did wrong by you.

Moving forward

A woman wants to be loved, give love and wants to feel love.  There is no woman on earth who wants to be in a relationship with a man who is not honest with her, loyal to her, affectionate with her, and completely faithful to her.  Ladies you know the drill though we have to provide those things too as well.  A woman will treat a man like the king he should be once she completely trust in him and believe in him and the relationship.  A woman that nags you is a woman who need to be reassured of the relationship because somewhere along the way between the ups and downs things got lost along the way.  You have to trust one another and I promise you will have a lot less problems when the trust is there.  It will make the relationship so much simpler and guys you would be surprised at the lengths that woman will go to for a man that they fully trust!  Be mindful of each others feelings and stay connected.  Bonds are built with the intentions of them lasting so think really hard before breaking them!!  Read this here for more on this topic.

can I trust you


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Not all men do not want the talking. But if you are currently in a relationship with someone is not communicating about it, you must initiate if you want to save the relationship.

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