Different types of relationships

Different types of relationships you should know about…

We all have our own spin on the many different types of relationships out here especially in this new generation of love.  As we all know love is something that most seek but want it the way we want it or nothing at all.  First I want you to ask yourself “what am I looking for in a relationship”?  The hard truth is that there are many different types of relationships that may NOT appeal to you but may appeal to your partner.  The different types of relationships I am referring to is monogamy and polygamy relationships.

Why would you want a monogamy relationship?

Having a monogamy relationship means simply a long-term relationship with one sexual partner.  I believe that most people crave and seek out this kind of relationship.  When you and your partner have decided that there will be no other woman nor man (no third wheels) then that means all affection, sexual acts, emotional ties and etc. is with that one person.  When two people share a monogamy relationship most feel that the bond is stronger and the connection that you feel with that person will provide a deep lasting love.  Love with the one you love is a beautiful thing if you both can agree on the terms of this type of relationship.  When you are in this type of relationship there should be no room for another man or woman to please the person you have committed too because you both will understand the boundaries with other people of the opposite sex.

Lets talk boundaries…

This is going to be a little tricky to speak on because truthfully we all have different tolerance levels and different ways to handle different types of relationships.  Lets just say you partner has a problem with you communicating on the phone with whom you call a “best friend” but that person happens to be of the opposite sex.  I think I can speak for a lot of us when I say that won’t fly to well with your partner.  I say that because in reality no one wants their mate building a bond and somewhat of an emotional attachment with another man or woman.  Many of you may think this is called jealousy but the truth is if that man or woman is bonded and have a best friend with another of the other sex then what really are you there for?  Let me break that down for you a bit if you can’t call on your partner in your time of need or to basically communicate what ever it is that you talk about with a best friend of the opposite sex then there is no need to have that person around.  Your partner is someone who should be there for you, support you and someone you have open communication with.

I think I want a polygamy relationship….

Now I know most of you almost fell to the floor saying to yourself “have you lost your mind”?  Well to answer that question no I haven’t lost my mind but I have a open mind.  Although this is something I wouldn’t agree to you have to understand there are many different types of relationships out here today.  In these days and times you have to ask questions and be upfront about the type of relationship that works for you.  I want to explain to you that just because you meet a man or woman and you think they are head over heels for you doesn’t mean they want you and only you.  That simply means that they like you and may even grow to love you but not only want JUST you!  A polygamy relationship means  having multiple long-term sexual partners.

How is this going to work???

If you are with someone who clearly have stated that they are just not ready to settle with one person please don’t try to change their mind because it will be a waste of time!  You will find yourself calling what you think is the side chick or side man but really they are considered a main as well.  Honesty is always the best policy and if you tell your partner you are okay with this please understand that there is no going back saying well I thought he or she would change because often times people agree to these types of relationships but really don’t agree to what it really means.  If you are okay with all the terms of this kind of relationship by all means enjoy yourself!

In conclusion…

There are many different types of relationships.  There is never a problem with doing what you prefer to do in life but just make sure you are ready for the outcomes of it all.  The only problem that can arise is when your partner is not upfront with you about their needs and wants and they begin to cover it up which leads to other problems that you can read about here.  If you need additional help use this link to find a relationship coach in your area right here.  Always be remember to be good to yourself and enjoy life because you only get one!

different types of relationships


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Thank you for the sensible critique. Me and my neighbor were just preparing to do some research on this. We got a grab a book from our area library but I think I learned more clear from this post. I am very glad to see such wonderful information being shared freely out there.

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