Relationship tips for couples

Take your time….

As we all know when the relationship gets comfortable we tend to try to move faster which may be okay in some situations but not all.  My relationship tips for couples are to understand that it takes time to grow with one another.  The relationship was not built over night and it will certainly take time to grow as well.  A lot of time couples rush into the things which can cause a lot of headache in the long run.  An example that I want to share with you is if you have only been together for a month and have not learned each others favorite movie yet then you probably should not be planning to buy a house yet.  I know that may sound silly but it’s a very real thing that happens a lot in life.  When you’re in the process of getting to know each other remember to take the time to enjoy the process because it can be a beautiful thing.  People long for love and someone to call their own so when they finally get into a relationship they tend to want to rush into things that would in a sense make them feel more connected with their partner.  Most will probably wonder what I mean by that but it’s very simple, when you have things together as a couple it tends to make the relationship of more importance to people because of the added responsibilities and commitments made when you have things together as a couple. Always remember to take your time and the love will grow in the relationship. When the foundation is solid that’s when you begin to move things along in the relationship but not before then.

No communication no relationship is one of the most important relationship tips for couples

When people ask me my thoughts on communication in a relationship I quickly respond with if there is no communication there is no relationship.  People can get so comfortable in a relationship that they begin to communicate less often than normal.  The best relationship tips for couples is to always keep the door of communication open because we sometimes unintentionally put the weight on our partner’s shoulder of reading our minds.  I think that we often times expect our partner to just know when we feel certain things instead of addressing it.  In order to grow as a couple you have to be open.  There are some people who aren’t as good with communication as other’s but it is up to you to advise your partner of this at the beginning of the relationship.  Always remember no one is perfect but you have to put your all into a relationship to make it work.  I think it is very important to understand that regardless if you’re in a relationship with someone, you have to remember each person will still feel things differently and handle things differently from what you may feel is correct.  Never blame one another for not always agreeing because as humans we never will always agree on how to handle things that’s just the reality of it.  Relationships take lots of work and patience and if you don’t have any the relationship won’t work so that’s why communication will be a huge factor in a relationship.

Be faithful…

I know you have heard of the phrase when I’m single I do single stuff but when I’m in a relationship I am committed.  Being faithful to your partner is a must.  If you’re not in an open relationship that have been discussed before accepting the relationship commitment then you should not be emotionally, mentally or physically involved with another man or woman during your committed relationship! I know you are probably saying to yourself “well this is common sense”.  I want you to know that it may be common sense but most still don’t adhere to it.  As we all know or should know at the least that no one is perfect but I feel that if you really love someone you would never intentionally hurt them.  Being faithful also means not knowingly putting yourself in situations where it could cause unnecessary problems or drama in the relationship.  You have to believe that real love exist and when you truly love someone the need for another is not in your thoughts because you are so busy trying to make sure the relationship you have so nurtured and cared for.  When you are in a committed relationship you shouldn’t have time to focus on another man or woman cause you are always busy trying to find new ways to love on the person your with.  I heard a wise man say one day that if you are busy keeping your grass-green you wouldn’t notice the grass on the other side!  People will make mistakes in life but some mistakes can be avoidable and if anyone ever tells you different don’t listen.  I want to make it very clear that cheating is a CHOICE not a mistake.

Respect each other…

When you are in a relationship not everything will be just about you and your feelings any more.  As they say there is no I in we.  Good relationship tips for couples is to understand that no matter how long you have been in a relationship you have to ALWAYS have and give respect to your partner because if not the relationship will fail!  A good rule of thumb is if you are doing something that you wouldn’t like for your partner to do to you then trust me that’s a sure sign you shouldn’t be doing it.  I believe that no man likes a nagging woman but remember no woman likes a disrespectful, untrustworthy, lying, and inconsistent man!


When I give relationship tips for couples I always have to let them consistency is powerful!  When you’re in a relationship the same thing that it took to get that person is the same it takes to keep that person.  If in the beginning you put in the effort there is no reason to believe you don’t have to do it anymore.  When you are not consistent it leaves the door open for assumptions and that is never a good thing!  I know that life happens and situations can change in your life so a point where you may not have as much time as you use to such as change of jobs schedules and etc.  If things are changes are happening in your life and it will eventually effect your partner then that is where communication comes into play.  Always inform your partner of why the consistency is not there anymore because silence is not always the key in certain situations.

In conclusion

My relationship tips for couples is to always try to understand your partner, communicate, respect, love, be faithful and trust in one another.  Love is beautiful and relationships can be fulfilling if you focus on what can go right and thrive off of that! To read more on healthy relationships click here.  I also want to share this article right here with you because it has additional tips as well.

relationship tips for couples


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