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An online written journey of speaking the unspoken when it comes to life, love, relationships and more! Hope you’re excited because the best part about this site is that it touches on a wide range of things. I am also a travel agent! I will share with you travel packages that may be of interest. Speaking of that go ahead and check out destined to getaway travel agency. Be prepared for a wonderful journey as this site will make sure to cater to your heart, mind and soul all the while living life and enjoying each moment of it!  Plus, it’s the best way to stay up to date on editor-in-chief LaToya Hedgepeth personal experiences and activities.


About LaToya Hedgepeth

Born and raised in North Carolina, LaToya Hedgepeth has always had a passion for writing and helping others.  With so many struggles and a huge heart she has been able to give what money can’t buy which is wisdom to others who may be in tough situations.  She is well-known for being a great friend for anyone that she comes in contact with!  The charm and knowledge that she has will be something that will always make her stand out in the crowd without even saying a word. Although she has been through a lot it has set the tone for a more peaceful life during this time in her life.  She wants to make sure she walks in her purpose and through prayer and patience she has been lead to sharing her story with the world one post at a time.