The heart is not to be solely used!

Many times we sit, and we think about things so much until we think ourselves out of the truth. For me I have always believed that the heart is not as trust worthy as the mind. Have you ever just knew something wasn’t right but because you love someone you choose to ignore what your mind is telling you only for it to keep nagging at your soul? Have you ever drifted off in the middle of doing something and your mind is just going nonstop? If the answer is yes to either of those then just know there is something within you should deal with. Its so many situations this applies to but one in particular is relationships with your significant other. Some people want to be loved so much that their partner could be extremely wrong for them, yet they dismiss the thoughts because the heart cant let go of what the mind is saying this won’t work. Often times you can find yourself searching that person for what you want to be there other than what is actually there all because you love them. We all have to remember it’s not what that person says or even their actions because there are a lot of people who say they feel a certain way and their actions may even show it at times but remember there are men and women who display certain actions to get what they want luckily for us the mind always knows when its fraudulent! The heart is a place for love and because everyone wants to be loved that’s what we use the most in relationships but the mind is a little more difficult to read, so we try to block it out but ladies we can’t we just can’t! When you use your heart and not the mind it can lead you to know something isn’t right but you stay because your heart is so full of love for someone who isn’t meant for you! I would love your thoughts on this, lets figure this out together!


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I do agree that the heart and mind sometimes don't see eye to eye. I do believe they reach common ground with a lot of thought and discernment. Women do tend to remain in non working relationships not always because of that person. Sometimes we hold on to the ideas or future plans we planned out pertaining to the future of the relationship.


Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this! We definitely as women have to start focusing more on whats happening in the relationships more so than the expectations that aren't guaranteed to be fulfilled

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