Find your motivation

Even if done alone you have to keep going..

I know things can be ruff at times and I also know that it’s so easy to get distracted. If you are a regular follower of my posts then you already know that I talk from experience.  I am here to tell you all that there will be some people in your life that will bring nothing but negative energy but it’s up to you to find your own motivation.  When I say find your own motivation I mean find it within yourself. Don’t ever depend on no one to give you what you can find within.

It took me a while to realize that not everyone was going to be my everyday cheerleader.  I had so much negative energy around me at one point in my life that I literally ALMOST begun to think like them.  It was at that point that I knew I had to make some changes to get away from them.  As a matter of fact it was more like running away because I wanted no parts of it.  I realized I deserved so much better because I sat back and thought about all the good I do for others and it just makes sense to want some of that back.  I know that no one is perfect each of us are fighting our own demons but that shouldn’t make you want to devalue the person or people that are there for you.

Throughout my life I have always been supportive of the people close to me and people that I don’t even know I have words of encouragement for them too. You can never really know exactly what people are going through in life so you have to be someone’s difference between a bad day and a bad life.  What that means is if you can’t be supportive, show love, inspire, encourage and motivate a person then no need to have a conversation of any kind with that person.  I say that because if that person is already going through some things why contribute to it?  If that person has a lot going on and you come around with your negative energy then the first thought in their head is ugh nothing can go right in my life but if you are supportive you can possibly change that thought.

The point of this is no matter who you are and what you do in life don’t allow negative people around to influence your thinking.  I do know that negativity is always around lurking but it just makes it even harder than what it has to be when you have the extra negativity from people close to you.  Take the time to find your own motivation to be great within yourself! The journey you are on will not be easy but it will be worth it always remember that.  As far as the people that enter your life and want to see you winning these battles time after time make sure to feed off of that and keep them around because its not many out here that’s going to be that ear to listen or that crutch when you can’t stand alone!  So love one another and support one another because its already enough hate in the world as it is. This post here will also provide insight on this message I wanted to share with you all.

motivation is what keeps you going in life. Motivate yourself even when you have no support.


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Kristi McAllister

Finding motivation can be a difficult thing, but I too learned from experience that some people do not deserve to be part of our lives. I’ve had to cut several things loose for my own well being and those things included friendships, relationships, and jobs. I’m in total agreement with your post. Thanks for sharing!


Thank you for sharing! I agree 100% they don’t deserve to be apart of your life if that’s all they can bring is negativity

Rafi Nandi

I do all of my activities by myself regularly, creating my own motivation could be a rough challenge at so many times.

I never considered myself to seek for help, mainly because my friends aren’t supportive and just dont know how to be serious. Yet some of them are truly negative.


Thank you for sharing! I know it can be ruff at times but remember you deserve to have positive people around you and I hope that they can start to become serious and be there for you as a friend that I’m sure you are for them


I always love reading your posts, they’re really inspiring. So true that there’s so much hate in our world right now, it’s really sad 🙁 need more positivity, hope and love.


Good reminders to practice self-care. Sadly, over the last year, I’ve had to separate from several friends and family due to intensely narrow and negative attitudes. It’s been a good decision for me, but I sometimes wonder if I’ve let THEM down by letting them wallow in their hate.

Stacia Ashe

You are SO right. Ditch the negativity and surround yourself with those who uplift you. It sounds so simple but sometimes we let nagativity slip through the cracks. Thanks for the message. <3

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