Abusive relationships

Please don’t let love fool you into staying….

So he says he love you?  He also said that you mean so much to him that he wouldn’t be able to live without you? He says these things but then he jumps in your face, acts like your the reason he acts this way and proceed to degrade you like your nothing. He hasn’t put his hands on you but you find your heart shattered and broken into a million pieces.  His actions and words towards you prove to you your not enough yet you stay.  I don’t know who you are that I’m speaking to but I want you to know that emotional and mentally abusive relationships are not OK to be in.  So many questions come to mind when your sitting in the dark after crying your eyes out wondering why you aren’t good enough.

To whomever is going through this now or have been through it, I want you to know it’s NOT you!  You are not the problem.  You have not done anything wrong other than letting love trick you into staying in these abusive relationships that you don’t deserve.  I want you to know that we all understand your reasoning because just like you everyone wants love but please understand real love can’t come from someone who is hurting you!  Yes I get that its not physical abuse but he is breaking you down day by day minute by minute.  That man is a coward.  You are beautiful, smart and intelligent never let anyone tell you other wise.  The man that is verbally abusing you is a very insecure man.  His issues are within himself and has nothing to do with you.  With that being said I don’t care what you do to try and FIX him he will always revert to acting like you are the worst.

When you pour your love all over him does he accept it? When you encourage him and tell him things in life aren’t always going to be picture perfect but worth it, does he scold you like a child because he wants everything his way right then because he has no patience with life or with you? On your happy days does he go out his way to make you feel like you shouldn’t be happy because nothing is right for him? Does he make you feel like your walking on eggshells just to be sure you don’t provoke him into jumping in your face, cussing you out to a point that the tears roll faster than you can blink?

I know this may be a lot to think about it and I’m not telling you this will be easy but I will tell you that you have to leave this situation.  The man that is doing this to you don’t love you fully like you deserve to be loved.  I have always believed that a man that does this to a woman is a broken man with internal issues that you can’t fix for him no matter how much you want to do so.  I understand that you love the one that you are with but at the same time you have to love yourself a little bit more.  There comes a time in life that you have to put yourself first regardless if you see the man your with as your priority.

You don’t deserve to be treated anything less than the queen that you are.  I just can’t stress this enough that you are enough! Even if you are not enough for the person that you want to be enough for but I promise you that somebody one day will see you for you and will love you like you could never imagine.  If that man is verbally abusing you please don’t feel obligated to stay because you love him or that you think he loves you.  A man that loves you will love on you, pray with you, care for you, hold you, make sure your OK and always be there for you.  A real man that loves you will not want to see you see you cry and although I’m sure not a lot people know that you are going through this because you prefer that it is kept quiet but just know your eyes speak even when your mouth is closed.

Don’t be afraid to find happiness.  As women we have to love and support one another please read and find encouragement in this post as well.  Don’t ever stay in abusive relationships remember you are a queen so allow yourself to be treated like one.

abusive relationships


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Mary Varville-Rodriguez

Well written posts. Many of us need these reminders, and creating this blog site is an excellent way to develop resources for those who are facing abuse. Looking forward to reading more and supporting your message. Kindest Wishes, Mary


Timely post with October being Domestic Violence Awareness month. Great advice on loving yourself enough to know that you don’t deserve an abusive relationship. I just wish it’d be easy for every woman to know and accept this as truth.

Nadalie Bardowell

The biggest issue I find is parents aren’t ensuring that their child was raised to love themselves first and believe they have self-worth and they don’t need that validated by someone else. Also if they do not have prior dating experience, they may end up falling for someone who they think shows their love poorly is what they deserve is extremely hard to convince them otherwise. Once they leave that relationship they may have difficulties trusting, loving, or being themselves around their next partner.


Wow, this is beautifully written. Great advice. I think people think that abuse is only physical, but the mental and emotional abuse happens all the time and needs to be discussed as much as possible. Kudos to you for bringing this topic into the light.


Thank you so much I appreciate that just want want to help out the best I can as women we deserve love and it begins with loving ourselves first


Great post! Many women stay because they believe there is no one there for them. Your insights may just be the reason someone gets the courage to leave and can save a life


Thank you so much and I hope that it does inspire all the many queens going through this to know they are not alone and they will overcome this

Renee Guill

Well said, I couldn’t agree more. Been there done that, and may I add that goes the same for parents, just cause you are blood, does not mean you should let them verbally abuse you too.


Thank you so much for sharing I’m so happy you got out of that situation and I wish you and your husband continued happiness!


Your so welcome queen!!! I’m so happy for you!! Nothing but good things will be coming your way I wish you continued blessings!!

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Howdy! I could have sworn I’ve been to this blog before but after browsing through some of the post I realized it’s new to me. Nonetheless, I’m definitely delighted I found it and I’ll be book-marking and checking back frequently!

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