Incapable of giving love

What is he afraid of?

Ladies have you ever been in a relationship with a man who always seem like he is suffering inside and he tends to go above and beyond to make everything your fault?  Have you found yourself  trying to figure out is it you even when you know in your mind and heart it’s not?  I know this won’t be too hard to believe because we see it all the time but we never understand it until we have been through it.  If the man you are with is incapable of giving love to you then please understand it’s not you!  You will never be able to control what another human puts out into the universe or the energy that they give off to others.   What that man is afraid of you may never know but it’s not fair to suffer at the expense of sparing his feelings of truths that he needs to hear.

That old saying….

You all know how the old saying goes, if you can’t have peace in your own home where can you have it at?  I can answer that for you with no problem and that’s NO WHERE!  I don’t know about anyone else but there has to be peace where I lay my head at all times day and night.  If you are incapable of giving love then you shouldn’t bother with those that are!  I know that was very simply said but trust me it’s power in that simple saying.  In my opinion the men that are hurt and struggling within knew they where dealing with that struggle before they met you.  The reason why I choose to believe this is because if all the things he tells you that happened to him in his past and he moves on quickly and does the exact same thing to you if not worse than he knew he was carrying that around inside already.  It’s just a matter of time before he let it out.

The trying process…

Mostly all of us have been in situations in which we know the relationship is going down hill but you try so hard only because you can see the potential in the relationship although you don’t actually feel it deep down.  The reason most of us do that is because naturally there is always a sense of hope that things will get better and that person you are with will see the damage they are causing.  The million dollar question one may want to know is do they really ever realize it while it’s happening?  I guess this may be debatable for some but not for me I stand on the fact that they know exactly what they are doing. This is especially true when the person they are with is telling them over and over and the tears have been flowing for years and I assure you it’s not tears of joy.

The dreaded I can do better speech…

To further prove my thoughts on this think back or think to the many moments he says “baby I know I been messing up but just give me one more chance and I will change.”  So as smart as we are ladies, we give him that chance and a hemp more of others too.  I want you to know I tried so hard to not laugh as I typed that but ladies you know how we do sometimes!  We have to learn to just accept men as they are and not expect a change especially when they are really ready.  No matter how many times the word sorry is thrown around, if his mind isn’t set in stone that he will do better and he proves it with his actions then the hard truth of it is he won’t.  I do want to say there is nothing wrong with giving chances because no one is perfect however when enough is enough then its enough! You can read more on that topic here.

Please understand this…

Ladies stop blaming yourself because you feel for a man who was incapable of giving love to you.  I know that you have heard this before but the heart wants what the heart wants but be careful and remember your mind is still to be used too.  That hold you feel that man has on him is bigger than you and more than likely started way before you so don’t allow the dishonesty, unfaithfulness, insecurities, lack of communication etc. to consume you and make you feel like you are to blame.  Never fall down into the evil plot of others.  Remember that love is to be given freely not to be forced upon an individual who is incapable of giving love back as you deserve.

incapable of giving love





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This is so true… I might know and be well aware of what you’re saying and yet.. I find myself in the position of the one who keeps giving chances and not receive the love that I deserve… and then I always wonder, how the hell has this happened?! I DO know better!!… Oh well… just… happens 😉


Thank you for sharing I agree it just happens we are human but the beauty of it is that its all learning opportunities!! lol

Yvette Darugar

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