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The start of a new relationship advice….

So I know that you may have butterflies right now and it feels so good to have finally met someone after a long period of time.  Hopefully during your time of not being in a relationship you have been focusing on being a better you so that when the time comes for a new relationship you are prepared.  I know that after bad breakups or even mutual breakups that everyone could use some new relationship advice.  The most important part of the relationship is the part right after the butterflies go away and things are not as easy.

Is this too good to be true?

So now that its been over a month things are becoming more comfortable and you are feeling like can this be real? You are wondering in your mind can this person really be different from my ex?  I know that in new relationships often times when things are going good we tend to start thinking of what can go wrong.  I want to take the time to convince you to change your way of thinking.  It is now time to stop thinking of what could go wrong and think about what could go right!  I know that this will be easier said than done.  Always remember new relationships require a new way of looking at things if you want them to work out.  If the new person has not shown you any red flags as to him or her being too good to be true then have faith.

Forget about the past…

The first thing I always tell people when it comes to new relationship advice is to forget about the past.  The past is over and done with so no need to drag it on into your future.  I know that as human we sometimes hurt the ones that we once use to love but you have to heal and move pass it.  I am not saying that you just forget about all the lessons you learned from the experience the previous relationship gave you.  What I am here to tell you is that it will be a huge mistake to blame your new partner for what you ex partner did to you while in your past relationship.  There is a saying that you should never take your baggage to be unloaded by someone who didn’t help you pack it.

Have fun enjoy life…

The second thing that I always say when it comes to new relationship advice is to enjoy life and your partner!  This is a fresh start and a new beginning with a brand new person.  It’s so much fun just learning a person and opening up to receive something different from the things you endured in previous relationships that wasn’t so pleasant.  Always take time out to share with each other different things in life and experience things you never have before.  Life is about living not just existing.  If your partner is in a shell make them comfortable enough to come out and be themselves.  Love is beautiful and life can be very fun and enjoyable for you both of you together.

Respect each other…

My new relationship advice tip is to always respect each other.  I know there will be times when your partner will make mistakes but no matter what the golden rule is to respect each other and communicate.  Always remember when going into a new relationship this is a learning process.  You and your partner are two different people trying to come together as one.  During the process of learning each other mistakes will be made but it’s about how you overcome them which will require respect and lots of communication.  If your partner is not doing something that you feel will be a problem in the relationship please respect each other enough to talk about it.

Final thoughts…

A new relationship can be a scary thing all the while being a good thing.  When you open up your heart to someone to receive the love that you are giving out is beautiful.  Remember to never make your current partner pay for mistakes caused by another man or woman.  My advice is if you feel that is happening or will happen if you get into another relationship then the reality of it is maybe you are not ready to move on.  We are all human and we are not perfect by no means but when you try your best your partner will recognize it.  My new relationship advice to you is be free and be loved.  Take the time to get to know your partner’s wants and needs.  I want to wish you all the luck on your new journey of love.  If you need more advice on healthy relationships please read this post here.  I also wanted to include a good read that you may find helpful as well here.

new relationship advice

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Great tips, I think we often can get hung up on past experiences and close off anticipating the same issues and looking for things that are wrong with the new partner. I agree that past experiences should provide learning lessons, but not close us to new opportunities. Also, it’s a learning lesson for what we can do better, how we can change to become a better partner for other people. Thank you for sharing!

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